unique features of Vietnamese cuisine

Having more than 30 kinds of dipping sauce or using fresh herbs as ingredients for dishes are something strange but unique that you only find in Vietnamese cuisine.

1. Vietnam is not only country making dipping sauce but there is no other place having a variety of sauce like Vietnam. As estimated, Vietnam owns more or less 30 kinds of sauce such as fish sauce, shrimp paste, crab sauce, small shrimp sauce and so on.

2. There are many kinds of food made from noodle in Vietnam. Typically, we need to mention rice noodle, vermicelli, grass noodle, egg noodle and instant noodle. For “pho” (Vietnamese rice noodle), there are up to 20 different recipes to cook. Do you wish to know one or two recipes of Vietnamese rice noodle soup? If you wish, we highly recommend this place specializing in taking cooking classes with locals in Hanoi for foreigners with unique recipes of typical Vietnamese food.


3. One of the famous food that foreign tourists are scared of most when traveling to Vietnam is blood pudding made from blood of pig, duck or dog.

4. In Vietnamese cuisine, all parts of pig can be used as the ingredients to cook into different dishes, from meat to heart, lung, stomach. Maybe the only thing that can be removed is pig feather. It seems so strange but after cooked, the dishes made from parts of pig are very delicious with attractive flavor. Pork knuckles and feet can be used to make broth. In Vietnam, the main ingredients to cook Vietnamese soup are from viscera.

5. Vietnam is the fourth country consuming the instant noodle most in the world, much more than Japan which is the origin of noodle.
6. Unhatched baby duck eggs in Vietnam (Balut in the Philippines) are popular dish in many Asian countries, but Vietnamese people often eat the “oldest” ones (19 to 21 days old). Also, only in Vietnam, people will eat this kind of dish with laska leaves.

7. Spring rolls are the most popular dish in Vietnam even though it doesn’t be cooked for daily meals as often as others. Two common types for this dish are deep fried spring rolls and fresh spring rolls. For vegetarian, they can eat with vegetables only.

Apart from attractions in Hanoi, many foreign tourists take part in Hanoi cooking class to learn how to make this dish as activity of discovering Vietnam cuisine. Maybe the next turn is yours!


8. Vietnam has nearly 200 kinds of traditional cakes with different shapes, in which just a few are made from butter and wheat. Moreover, Vietnam treasures many kinds of unique cakes in the world such as glutinous sticky rice or “banh gai” (glutinous rice cake dyed black in a concoction of leaves).

9. There are more than 100 kinds of sweet porridge from the North to the South of Vietnam. The only “rival” to Vietnam in such porridge is Thailand.

vietnamese-herbs 10. While cooking, Vietnamese people use about 70 kinds of spices. Some dishes cannot be perfect without the herbs or typical spices. The common spices are succory, mint leaves, coriander and apricot leaves.

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