Ha Giang – spring of blooming peach blossoms

When spring comes, the peach blossom buds are still sucking, occasionally there will be some flowers on spindly branches. Every season of blooming peach blooms in Ha Giang, a lot of tourist groups from Hanoi visit the place to admire its beauty

Ha Giang Plateau is charming all year round with seasonal flowers, but probably in the spring, the plateau is most brilliant with full of flower colors, showing off the most fresh and pristine beauty.

Land of late blooming peach blossoms


Peach blossom season usually begins in Ha Giang from November and blooms soon after Lunar New Year Holiday about 1 to 1.5 months (around February and early March of the calendar). Unlike in Moc Chau, the peach flowers bloom before or just after the New Year a few days, so travelers have called Ha Giang as the land of late flowering peach blossoms.

In season of peach blossoms in Ha Giang, so many people are shocked and attracted by its unique beauty. The peach blossoms colorfully blooming in Ha Giang on this land always make people want to visit the land to see first and and enjoy it by themselves. Proud beauty and dreamy colors of peach blossom here make the spring more colorful and brighter. Only a package tour, just come to our booking office, Hanoi Ultimate Adventures offers a lot of different tours with interesting activities to discover local experiences so tourists can fully enjoy the trip.

Peach flowers blooming everywhere


The season of blooming peach blossoms begins in Ha Giang at everywhere, meaning that we can see the bright pink flowers everywhere in this land. Inside the houses of locals, there will be at least 2 or 3 peach trees. They appear on the mountain and the mountain pass. Even there has a certain area growing peach blossoms only.
Coming to Ha Giang in the season of blooming peach blossoms, visitors can delightedly see the flowers at anywhere but the road to Dong Van – Meo Vac is the most wonderful one to sightsee the peach blossoms.

In Lunar New Year holiday, Dong Van Plateau is concealed by the layers of blooming peach blossoms. The rocks are no longer alone on a barren plateau with the appearance of peach blossom.

Ancient peach blossom trees

In season of peach blossoms in Ha Giang, travelers will see the old peach trees with natural beauty. They have gone through so many springs but still retain the beauty and the color. The ancient peach trees are usually planted in front of the local people’s houses. The peach branches bending its flowers in front of the house yard, along with the colorful costumes of the minority people make a colorful natural painting of spring.

Ideal tourist attraction in the spring


Across the roads or in the schools are blooming brilliant peach flowers. In Dong Van, the places will have more vast flowers forests are: Sung La, Pho La, Pho Bang, Pho Cao, Lung Cu Ma Le, Thai Phun Tung and so on. These places are also where many tourists pay a visit to in Ha Giang for the blooming peach blossoms. They passionately see the peach flowers and do not forget to capture the best shots.

Colors of Autumn in Russia

In the little coldness of the last days of winter, the peach blossoms start to bloom, and someone in somewhere is preparing for an interesting trip to Ha Giang with friends. When coming to Ha Giang, the surprise is not inevitable. You will have great chance to be emerged yourself in front of the bright colors of peach blossoms in the cool atmosphere of the early days of spring in the picturesque land.

Come to this beautiful land to feel the fresh and cool air as well as sightseeing the colorfully peach blossoms. While staying in Hanoi, no worries, on behalf of the local tour operator in Hanoi Old Quarter, we will bring you once-in-a-lifetime local experiences with a package tour filled with joy and enjoyment that you’d probably love it

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