Cu Chi Tunnels (Chu Chi) a great destination in Saigon

All about Cu Chi Tunnels (Chu Chi Tunnels)

Now, let’s talk about the Cu Chi Tunnels. There are so many things that you need to know about the amazing tunnel that saved lives during the Vietnam Wars. Another reason why it is considered as one of the great destinations in Saigon is that it is not just simply a tunnel because this is where the Viet Cong soldiers stayed in the 1960s, so the Cu Chi Tunnels served as a hiding spot for the Viet Cong soldiers. The Cu Chi Tunnels are a network of tunnels that are connected together. You have to come to the Cu Chi District and you will find these tunnels.

Cu Chi Tunnels Tour

During the Vietnam Wars, the Cu Chi Tunnels were used as a safe spot to manage for the Viet Cong soldiers to manage communication, it served as a hospital and a living quarter for the fighters. It is a safe place for them because the tunnels have a good system that resist forces coming from the Americans. The bomb attempts came several times to break these tunnels, but the American forces failed several times.

If you are booking a Cu Chi tour , you have to tour the 75 mile interconnected tunnels. Among the tunnels that you may explore are the Ben Dinh and the Ben Duoc. You will also see various types of booby traps used during the wars, underground conference rooms used against the Tet Offensive and you will also find foods that Viet Cong soldiers used to eat.

Another exciting part of the tour that travelers also enjoy is the shooting range, where they can fire some assault rifles, such as, M16, AK-47 and the M60. This shooting experience is really something that adults enjoy because after embracing history and learning from it, a different fun is waiting.

The Cu Chi Tunnels can be considered as one of the great destinations that travelers must not fail to see because of the Vietnam Wars. The History and the memory of the past can be greatly felt when you are in this spot.

If you can only come and visit the Cu Chi Tunnels, you will understand and learn more about the place. You will also later on say that you do not regret coming to Saigon. The city of Saigon might be a busy and a populated place, where people spend more of their time working, but as a traveler, you will surely appreciate what your eyes will see.

Choosing a tourist spot in Saigon

Travelers from different parts of the world will always find an interesting place to see. If possible, they would like this place to be one of the memorable experiences in their lives. There are travelers who are sentimental that they value every single moment they have in one place. There are also those travelers who just come and go to a place to satisfy their curiosity. There are also travelers who are taking much time in choosing the place where they would like to go.

Ho Chi MInh city

If you are coming to Vietnam, you have a variety of places to choose. You may go to the north, to the south or to the central part of the country. When you have chosen to come to the southern part of Vietnam, you must not fail to visit one of the largest and the busiest city of Saigon.

In Saigon, you can find various tourist attractions that will tell you different stories and memories of the History of Vietnam during the wars. Some of these places are the Cu Chi Tunnels, the Independence Palace, the War Remnants Museum, the Museum of the Vietnamese History, the Gia Long Palace, the Ho Chi Minh City Hall and various spots that have great design and architecture, such as, the Basilica of Notre-Dame, the Central Post Office, the Bitexco Financial Tower and the Municipal Theatre.

If you can see, the city of Saigon is full of spots to visit, but one of the most important and a great destination for travelers to visit is the Cu Chi Tunnels. Every tourist must see this place because it is rich and full of history and that is something that you must not fail to know when you are in the city of Saigon.

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