3 reasons to love Hanoi more

The second largest city of Vietnam used to be quite in the past. Nowadays, it has become way more bustling and dynamic with more modern architectural constructions and noisy recreation spots. However, there still exist several unique classical features of the land which is very worth visiting and discovering. Hanoians themselves and foreigners all have a particular impression when talking about the city. They sometimes do not even know exactly why they fall for it. 3 following points are expected to further explain the attraction.

Antique streets



Having a long-standing history that spans 2000 years, the 36 streets of Hanoi’s old quarter reflect the perpetual soul of the city. It is an ideal place to escape from the daily chaotic life since it can give you a feeling of peacefulness and gentleness. Although most of the traditional products (herbal medicine, hats, cotton) have changed over time and have been replaced with a variety of restaurants, bakeries, boutique shops, art galleries, and up-to-date services, visitors can encounter and enjoy some of the original goods at any street corners. In addition, a big number of Hanoi’s historic well-known places are nearby the Old Quarter, including the ancient house at Ma May street, White-horse temple or Hanoi Opera house, French Old Quarter or so on.

Reasonable price


Hanoi has been ranked as the least expensive international destination, according to the annual cost-comparison study by TripAdvisor, the world’s largest travel site. It is hard to imagine wallet-friendly food and accommodations can be found that easily and quickly. It may cost you just around $25 for a dinner with amazing dishes and cocktails served afterward in the city. Almost all kinds of food and beverage are available and extremely cheap by most standards. Some particular alcohol is a bit more costly, yet still cheaper compared to a number of other places. Moreover, must-see attractions here often have low entrance fees, not to mention some of them are even free of charge, which is perfect for your sightseeing budget. Last but not least, you will get free Wi-Fi in many hotels and motels.

Hospitable people


This kindness always gives tourists worldwide a feeling of comfortability and warmth, leaving unforgettable impressions on them when they return home. Hanoians seem to have signature smiles, which are rustic as well as elegant. Smiling can make strangers feel welcomed and better connect people with each other. Certainly, current citizens living in Hanoi differ from traditional ones to some extents, yet they are quite easy to greet, make friends and ask for help. “The people here are very friendly, hard-working and committed in whatever they have planned to do”- said Swedish Ambassador to Vietnam Camilla Mellander. No wonder plenty of denizens choose to stay and work in the capital city, regardless of its undeniable issues such as traffic jams or lack of sufficient infrastructure. It may be seen as their second hometown.

Do not hesitate to spend time exploring the very heart of life in Vietnam, trying to observe street vendors being omnipresent all the time, visiting handicraft stores or taste a plate of Banh cuon. You will soon understand why Hanoians take pride in their cuisines, etiquettes and rich tradition. No matter how your hometown is, it always shelters you and deserves your love.

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